Prenup in Cape Town

An online prenup is the quickest and cheapest method to create a antenuptial contact.

With online prenup you fill in all of the relevant documents in yourself.
As a result, everything gets processed quickly and lawyers aren’t required.

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Why get an online prenup?

Online prenup is the quickest and cheapest way to get an antenuptual contract. You fill in the online questions, our lawyer reviews your submission, confirms everything is correct and sends you the relevant documents. As a result, everything is much quicker and you don’t need any assistance from a lawyer.

What are the costs?
You can get your prenup papers for R899 (other packages include more support from a lawyer).

How long does it take?

Once you have filled in the forms and received the relevant forms back from us you need only to bring it to the court. We aim to have your document with you in 72 hours.

What we stand for

An online prenup is the cheapest quickest antenuptial contract


No need for a long consultation process

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Straightforward process without the need for lawyers


Decent prices with no hidden costs


Clear guidance on how the process works

How does online prenup work?

Answer a few simple questions

Answer a few simple questions

Lawyers reviews details

Lawyers reviews and confirms details

Documents and instructions

Lawyer puts together documents and instructions

Quick service

You get your documents (aim to do this in 72hrs)

“Drawing up a prenup agreement and maintaining open communication on the topic of finances during a marriage helps.”