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Planning a wedding? Remove unnecessary strain

Wedding planning is hard work. A DIY prenup allows you to focus on the happy day while ensuring financial simplicity for the future.

Share assets the smart way, avoiding extra costs

Getting a DIY prenup saves you and your spouse-to-be time and legal expenses. If you both agree how assets would be divided in the event of divorce, a DIY prenup is for you.

At DIY Legal, for just R1299, you get a professional prenup ready to submit to the deeds registry. Answer our quick questionnaire and review your documents – it’s as simple as ‘I do’.

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Answer a few simple questions

You answer a few simple questions

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Complete your online prenup process in 6 easy steps:

Your DIY prenup is ready in six simple steps:

  1. Complete the prenup form.
  2. Choose your prenup package and pay. If you need to consult with a lawyer, this is when you’ll do it.
  3. Wait while our lawyer gets to work on your documents and sends them through (usually that same day).
  4. Review your prenup documents and request any changes.
  5. Receive your documents with the requested changes.
  6. Have us take your documents to court and submit your prenup at the deeds registry (or you can do so yourself).

Choose one of our products:

DIY Prenup
Review by lawyer
Pre-nuptial agreement
Step-by-step guide
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Prenup Submission
Review by lawyer
Pre-nuptial agreement
Step-by-step guide
Deeds registry submission
1 hour consultation with lawyer
Prenup Consultation
Review by lawyer
Pre-nuptial agreement
Step-by-step guide
Deeds registry submission
1 hour consultation with lawyer

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How do prenups work with marriage systems?

There are three types of marriage systems that determine how assets are divided between former partners:

  1. Community of Property: Being married in community of property is the default, unless you and your spouse have a prenup. All assets and debts held before the marriage are combined in joint property. A risk of marrying without a prenup is if one spouse is forced to declare insolvency, both must.
  2. Out of community, with accrual: Being married out of community with accrual means that each person’s assets are separated at marriage and as they increase during the marriage both spouses share the increase.
  3. Out of community, without accrual: Marrying out of community, without accrual means that you and your spouse’s assets are kept separate. Neither spouse’s assets are combined in the marriage, and neither are assets accrued in the course of the marriage.

Each type of marriage system has benefits and drawbacks, thus it is useful to understand the legal implications of each.

What we stand for

An online prenup is the cheapest quickest antenuptial contract


You get cheap professional legal documents – quickly

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No need for meetings or expensive lawyers


Save money because of the simplified process


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Why should you get a prenup?

A prenup is more than a plan safeguarding against a costly and drawn-out division of assets in the event of divorce.

The benefits of getting an online prenup include:

  • Safeguarding your finances
  • Protecting business interests
  • Resolving potential future alimony disputes upfront
  • Protecting a financially weaker partner
  • Protecting one partner if the other has extensive debt

Contact DIY Legal today to with any queries about our easy online prenup process.