Get a fast cheap divorce

Getting an online divorce means you get a fast service at a low, fixed price.

Forget hidden legal fees and escalating costs: At DIY Legal you get your documents within 48 hours (usually the same day), and pay only the fixed fee in your package (plus the R150 sheriff’s fee to serve your divorce documents to your partner).

Call or email DIY Legal at any point in the process (or we’ll call you) and get dependable support.

How it works

Answer a few simple questions

You answer a few simple questions

Lawyers reviews details

Lawyers reviews and confirms details

Documents and instructions

Lawyer puts together documents and instructions

Quick service

You get your documents (within 48hrs)

Complete your online divorce in 7 easy steps

Your DIY divorce involves 7 straightforward steps:

  1. Fill in the online form
  2. Choose the best package for you and pay [if you’d like to consult a lawyer, you can choose to do so at this stage].
  3. Our lawyer gets to work and returns your completed documents.
  4. Review your document and request any changes.
  5. We complete requested changes and return your document.
  6. Submit your divorce documents to a sheriff (plus the R150 sheriff’s fee to serve the documents).
  7. Visit court to finalise the process (usually after one month).

Choose from one of our products

DIY Divorce
Review by lawyer
Divorce papers
Step-by-step guide
½ hour consultation with lawyer
4 hours of professional mediation
Divorce Consultation
Review by lawyer
Divorce papers
Step-by-step guide
½ hour consultation with lawyer
4 hours of professional mediation
Mediated Divorce
Review by lawyer
Divorce papers
Step-by-step guide
½ hour consultation with lawyer
4 hours of professional mediation

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Everything you need in one fixed-price plan

Your online divorce includes everything you need for the process, such as:

  • Helpful consultation with a lawyer (when choosing the ‘Divorce Consultation’ or ‘Full Service Divorce’ package)
  • A legal outline of division of property
  • A legal custody and parenting plan (if you have children)
  • A guide to the divorce process including easy to understand guidelines

What customers are saying about DIY Legal

“Super easy, straightforward and fast”

Ben Day


“Highly recommended! I received my papers same day payment were made. Always willing to assist and answer question you may have. Thanks for making an unpleasant situation bearable.”

Joni Bruyns


“Thank you for making such a difficult process so much less stressful than it already is. I am super impressed!!!”

Simon Denman


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Frequently Asked Questions

Which divorces qualify?

Both parties must have agreed to the divorce itself and its conditions. You can have a DIY divorce if no legal negotiations are required and there is agreement on key decisions such as child custody, asset-sharing and parenting plans. This avoids legal representation (with costly retainer fees) thus simplifying your divorce process.

Must I attend court?

Only the person initiating the divorce (the plaintiff) is required to attend court.

What if we don’t agree on the terms of the divorce?

For people who haven’t yet managed to sort out how to split assets, maintenance and/or custody it can be helpful to chat to a mediator.

What does a mediator do?

A mediator is an impartial person to help you negotiate. The mediator runs the mediation process and help generate solutions, but it is the two of you who will make the decision.

Why would I use a mediator instead of a lawyer?

A lawyer will cost R2,000 an hour and divorce can be a nasty long process. A mediator provides a quick, friendly, reasonably priced alternative, if both parties are willing to negotiate towards a solution.

How does it work?

You’ll fill in an intake form. From there you’ll have four hour long online sessions with one of our trained mediators. You’ll receive minutes from each session. At the end of the process your mediator will draft a MOU (Memorandum of Understanding), which will be passed on to one of our lawyers to incorporate in your divorce documents.

Trusted support when you need it

Throughout your divorce process, simply phone or email us if you need help or guidance. We are happy to answer your questions. You’ll also have support via our detailed guidelines and your documents will be reviewed by a practiced lawyer.

With us, a professional divorce is accessible and efficient, even if your budget for the divorce process is limited.