Division of assets

When deciding how to divide up your property during a divorce, the first important factor is the type of divorce that you are seeking. In most instances, ex-spouses do not get the opportunity to thoughtfully decide which type of divorce they’d like to have, but there are options for those willing to work together. Uncontested … Read more Division of assets

Divorce papers and legal advice

When preparing for your divorce, you will need your official South African identity document and your marriage certificate. The court or law firm with whom you work will provide any other necessary documents. When you apply for a divorce, you will need to obtain a summons (the document that orders you to be at court). … Read more Divorce papers and legal advice

Divorce types in South Africa

There are three essential divorce types in South Africa: Uncontested divorce, mediated divorce and contested divorce. The type influences how long the process will take to be finalized, as well as the cost of the divorce. Though getting a divorce is a stressful process for most, you can avoid extra stress by understanding each type … Read more Divorce types in South Africa

Domestic violence

The Domestic Violence Act 116 of 1998 was enacted in South Africa with the main purpose of affording the victims of domestic violence maximum protection from domestic abuse that the law can provide. The Act also provides measures that seek to make sure that relevant organs of state give full effect to the provisions of … Read more Domestic violence