Financial pitfalls of divorce

Divorce is one of the biggest financial events you can experience in your lifetime. It is therefore important to know the potential dangers of the divorce process, so you can avoid making serious financial errors.  Poor preparation  Given the emotional distress of the divorce process, spouses may make the mistake of failing to properly prepare. … Read more Financial pitfalls of divorce

How to prepare for divorce

Going through a divorce or separation can be complicated and emotionally draining. If you and your spouse have decided that this is what you want, you are probably wondering what first steps to take. Ideally, you want to make this process and quick and drama-free as possible. See related article: Financial pitfalls of divorce.

How to tell your children about your divorce

If you have kids and are preparing for divorce, it is important that you find the best way to tell them, to prepare them for the potentially sad and stressful road ahead. See these related resources: Effects of divorce on children Helping children with divorce or separation

Trusts and divorce

Based on South African law, a trustee does not become the owner of trust property but simply holds such property for the benefit of third parties (beneficiaries). As such, trust property cannot be considered as part of a person’s estate for purposes of determining the value of an estate in divorce cases. Property held by … Read more Trusts and divorce